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Questions to Ask During Preschool Tours

Preschool shopping for your child is an intimidating process. We at Ivy League Preschool want to make your experience pleasant and your decision an easy one. You are entrusting your child in our care. We will exhibit warmth, love, and create an atmosphere where your child will thrive with excitement. Coming to our school will meet all of your expectations.

Is there a director on site each day?
Marcy Spinner is the Director and she is on sight every day.  

How will the school contact a parent if there is an issue at school?
Your child’s teacher will have all of your phone numbers and emails. This is on a sheet that the parent fills out upon entering school. It is called “All About Me”. The office also has all contact numbers and emails on the child’s application and on our computer enrollment cards.

As a parent, who should you contact with an issue at school?
If you have an issue within your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s teacher.
If you have an issue that needs the director’s attention, please call the office
(732-446-0401). If your child is absent, we ask that you call the office so that we may tell the teacher.

What is the school policy on who is allowed to pick up your child if you are unavailable?
The school will only dismiss your child to a person on your “All About Me” sheet. Your child will only be dismissed to a person that is NOT on your sheet if you call and give us permission. That person needs to show the teacher a picture identification. A driver’s license is needed for that.  No child will be dismissed without the proper protocol.

Will the school keep in contact with your parents?
The school sends out newsletters during the year. Parents will also receive emails during the year.  Each teacher sends home a weekly letter stating what the class will be doing that week in class.

Who takes over if a teacher is absent?
The assistant teacher will be the teacher should the teacher need to take time off. The school will employ a substitute teacher for the assistant teacher.

What is the behavior management policy of the school/classroom?
Should a child be disruptive and/or hurt another child, this will not be tolerated. The child will be spoken to along with both parents at the end of the class session. If this practice continues, then the director will be involved along with the teacher and the parents. We will try to work things out. Child safety is our major concern.
A Boo-Boo report will go home in both children’s backpacks explaining what happened in class. Our goal is to have a happy and safe environment
How will a teacher implement timeout?
A teacher will ask a child to come to a sit and think chair. The teacher will go over the behavior that caused the child to sit. Then, after a few minutes the child will be allowed to return to the classroom’s activities.

When are parent-teacher conferences?
Our teachers talk to our parents all year long. We do have testing in January and conferences begin soon after that in in February. These are scheduled by the parents signing up for them.

Will students be assigned jobs in the classroom?
We always try to have the students become self-sufficient. Doing jobs is an excellent way to learn responsibility and to take turns.

Are children given the opportunity in a day to explore and to play outside the classroom?
Each day that your child is here, the class has 25 minutes of gym time. This can be indoors in our climate controlled Field House or outside on one of our three playgrounds.
The children have an organized playtime where they have relay races and play games. Then, they are allowed to ride bikes, climb on our toys, and have large muscle playtime.

What is the bathroom policy of the school?
Children need to be toilet trained by our 3 Year Old classes. Before that, our teachers will change them. As your child grows older, the teachers will take the class as a group to the bathroom before lunch. If the need occurs before that, the teacher/assistant will always take your child to the bathroom. Many of our rooms have the bathroom within the class. Students can use it as needed.

What is the hand washing policy for students and staff?
Our students Always wash before lunch and after using the bathroom. Our teachers do the same. We are very concerned about proper hygiene. All rooms have hand sanitizer for the class and teachers to use.

Are the toys in the classroom washed/disinfected on a regular basis?
Toys are always cleaned and sprayed with a disinfectant on Fridays. Floors are washed twice a week. If a specific class is having children that are ill, then toys and the room will be sprayed down at the end of each day. We pride ourselves in a clean and safe facility.


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